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  • SAOBC (South African Ostrich Business Chamber)


  • The SAOBC serves as a co-ordinating body for the ostrich industry to benefit both the producers and the processors of ostriches and ostrich products


  • The Mission of the SAOBC is to promote a sustainable, economically viable ostrich industry through co-operationbetween stakeholders.


  • To promote, co-ordinate, supervise and secure the interests of all duty registered businesses involved in the production and processing of ostriches and ostrich products who are members of the SAOBC.
  • To foster the proficiency of production, demand for meat, leather and feathers for the industry as a whole.
  • To foster and promote relations between the role players in the industry as well as between members.
  • To encourage a code of conduct of members such as to command the confidence and respectof clients and the publicin general.
  • To create an international environment suitablefor export and to promote equal international zoo sanitary measures.
  • To communicate with government agenciesand other directly affected groups, as and when necessary, or to negotiate with them, as a representative body of the ostrich industry.
  • To identify and promote initiatives aimed at improving the status of the ostrich industry.
  • To organise the organisations in the ostrich industry and to secure solidarity, as far as possible, of the organisations in the ostrich industry, through their members with the SAOBC.
  • To provide a discussion forum for the organisations in the ostrich industry, in order to develop and promote common ostrich industry interests and objectives.
  • To provide mutual assistance in liasing on behalf of the ostrich industry.
  • To support or oppose any proposed legislation intended to regulate the activities of or in the ostrich industry.
  • To do such other lawful things as may be deemed to be in the interest of the SAOBC and member organisations.
  • To administer fees / monies for the purpose of carrying out the objectives of the SAOBC.
  • Gather statistics and public tendencies.
  • To provide a communication channel between producers and processors in the form of circulars and publications.
  • To initiate strategic research in the interest of the national ostrich industry.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    The SAOBC has duties and responsibilities to:

  • not carry on any business activities, including inter alia, ordinary trading operations in hte commercial sense, specualtive transactions, dividend stripping activities as well as the letting of property on a systematic or regualr basis;
  • invest funds available for investment with registered financial institutions as defined in section 1 of the Financial Institutions (Investment of funds) Act, 1984, and in securities listed on a licensed stock exchange as defined in the Stock Exchance Control Act, 1985 (Act No. 1 of 1985);
  • borrow money and take out loans and supply security
  • take legal action and defend and dispute such actions and appointa lawyer to represent the organisation
  • appoint officials to handle and administer the issues of the SAOBC;
  • take insurance cover for monies being handled on behalf of producers and processors;
  • recieve and accept contributions or gifts;
  • compile an annual budget regarding funding of the organisation and to levy such funds and manage it;
  • remunerate any organistion, or person for services rendered
  • do everythign necessary to accomplish the above aims with the provision that;
  • the SAOBC is a legal person independent of its members;
  • the SAOBC will continue operating notwithstanding change of membership;
  • during legal transactions, the members of SAOBC are only liable for up to the value of assets of the organisation at any given time, including membership fees.

    Business Form

  • The SAOBC will operate as a Section 21 Company.


  • To establish funds to carry out its objectives, the members shall pay to saobc such fees and/or levies as determined by a General Meeting.
  • A General Meeting shall have the power to levy any amount nexessary, in the event of ordinary fees/levies being insufficient to meet the necassary administrative and other expenses incurred in carrying out the work of SAOBC
  • The travel and accomodation costs of representatives and members of the Council, the Executive Comittee and working or Sub Committees, shall be borne by the organisations which the represent unless Council decided otherwise.
  • Where applicable, a General Meeting may fix honorariums, payable to persons servicing SAOBC.
  • All monies recieved by SAOBC shall timeously be deposited in the name of SAOBC with a commercial back approved by the Council.
  • The signatories to all cheques and financial and offical documents of SAOBC shall be any two persons authorised by the Executive Comittee.

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