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South African ostrich industry Review of 2010 and pre-view for 2011

16 November 2010

The increasing trend towards a healthy lifestyle, led to a continued increase in demand for South African ostrich meat; and it is envisaged that this trend will continue in 2011 due to the fact that ostrich meat is a tasty and healthy red meat. These characteristics of the meat have led to a small increase in the price of ostrich meat, despite the strong South African currency.

The demand and supply of ostrich feathers are in balance and a small price increase occurred. This scenario is likely to continue in 2011.

Worldwide a decrease in the demand for luxury goods was experienced and that impacted negatively on the sales of ostrich leather. New markets and new products need to be developed to ensure the long term sustainability of the industry, and as such, various innovative projects were launched . One such project comprises agreements with leading international fashion design schools whereby the South African ostrich industry sponsors Mastersí students in these schools with South African ostrich leather and assist them on technical level to work with this unique, exotic leather. After being exposed to ostrich leather, some of these students will continue using ostrich leather in their designs . The focus of this project, and others, is to influence decision makers in order to stimulate demand for South African ostrich leather (which is available in more than 500 colours, shades and finishes).

The afore mentioned factors led to a decrease in income for producers, but the industry is well-positioned to utilize the opportunity when the South African currency weakens.

Source: Anton Kruger - South African Ostrich Business Chamber

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