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The European Union (EU) approved the resumption of imports

3 November 2005

The European Union (EU), at a meeting in Brussels, approved the resumption of imports of fresh ostrich meat from South Africa. The ban of South African ostrich meat exports was imposed on 10 August 2004 after Avian Flu was confirmed on farms in the Eastern Cape.

This announcement comes after the South African National Department of Agriculture lifted its voluntary ban on ostrich meat exports on 13 September. After approximately 14 months, during which the ban was in place, this welcome announcement was made on 13 October 2005.

After confirmation of the disease in the Eastern Cape the Minister of Agriculture immediately imposed stringent control measures to prevent the spread of the disease.

A comprehensive ostrich meat marketing campaign was launched locally and South African consumption increased fivefold within ten months. South African consumers embraced the product, which is naturally low in fat and has virtually zero cholesterol properties, with the same enthusiasm as the European connoisseur.

The European Unionís approval of South Africaís application for re-admission as an ostrich meat exporter will now be communicated to all EU member states. Exports are expected to be resumed in November.

South African ostrich producers are thanked for their co-operation and perseverance, and producers are requested to maintain all farm records relating to movement permits, biosecurity in ostrich camps, vaccinations against Newcastle disease and dipping against ticks.

The South African ostrich industry wishes to thank the National government, the National Ministry of Agriculture and all role players who contributed towards the successful management of the process.

Source: South African Ostrich Business Chamber

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