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Ostrich Wins This Winter

4 May 2006

Good friends, good wine, log fires and the most delicious easy to prepare hot winter meat dishes are at the order of the day as May, June, July and August approach rapidly. Since winter is a wonderful time to spend amongst loved ones in warm kitchens it also seems to be a time during which new food ideas are trialed and tested by eager cooks.

The latest news from the ostrich industry is that casseroles, potjies, stews, hot salads and even barbeques and soup are now readily within the reach of both the health conscious housewife and the working mother.

The latest trend is a range of very convenient ready meals from the leader in the world ostrich market, the KLEIN KAROO Group. The KarooCuisine range of products has been launched officially by the Group during the 2006 Absa Klein Karoo National Arts Festival or KKNK recently. Although lamb and venison are also included in the range the health flagship in this new approach towards convenience dishes is still ostrich.

The new ostrich meat range, which is ideally suited for winter kitchens includes ostrich stroganoff, ostrich provenÁale and ostrich neck. All of these, as well as lamb shank, springbok shank, lamb pie and also delicious lamb ribs are amongst the new ready meals. Preparation time varies from 2 to 15 minutes depending on the dish and method of preparation which may either be the microwave, boiled water or even on the open fire.

KarooCuisine dishes are all pasteurized during a vacuum cooking process invented in France and internationally acknowledged as the Sous Vide method.

As far as ostrich products are concerned the naturally low fat and high protein content of ostrich meat portions ensure a healthy alternative addition to each kitchen. During winter, versatile ostrich mince and goulash may also be considered to replace other red meats in any type of casserole dish. No taste compromise will be made and heart and fat conscious consumers will enjoy peace of mind. All the ostrich products available in KLEIN KAROO Blue Ostrich packaging pride themselves on being proud bearers of the Heart Foundation Mark.


If you have ever been frustrated by what to and what not to buy for that next lunchbox of either the kids or your beloved the solution may also rest with ostrich.

An above average iron content, low cholesterol and the very best natural taste gets wrapped up in lean and healthy ostrich viennas, russians, ham, smoked fillet and even ostrich hamburger patties or ostrich meatballs.

Since the KLEIN KAROO Ostrich Meat snack range also include dried sausage, biltong and biltong powder, mothers do not have to worry too much about lunchtime anymore. These are all available at selected supermarkets and deliís around the country.

Enquiries: Jan Greyling Ė Liaison Manager, KLEIN KAROO Group on 082 556 8778 or (044) 203 5236


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