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3 January 2006

For us, dogs are really just people with coats. At KLEIN KAROO we believe that every good dog deserves a good treat. In fact, we prepare several high protein gourmet treats for these four-legged friends in South Africa and Europe.

At the KLEIN KAROO abattoir, ostrich tendons and offal are carefully selected and processed into delectable dog treats. The long leg tendons are plaited and then dried to make twisters. Pet biltong, dried wors and dried patties are made from fat-free meat off-cuts and are 100% natural.

The twisters are excellent for clean healthy teeth and for removing tartar. It will also keep your dog busy for hours and your Persian rug or favourite shoe will not fall prey to your puppy’s insatiable need to chew.

Martin & Martin, a reputable company in the pet trade, is known for the famous Bob Martin supplement for dogs. They launched KLEIN KAROO ostrich dog treats into the South African market in Spring this year. Martin & Martin markets our ostrich dog treats under the Lopis-brand and the Blue Ostrich signifying KLEIN KAROO’s Hallmark of Quality.

“We chose ostrich because it is something different from the traditional raw hide chews. When we were looking for something new and innovative to add to our range of pet chews and treats, ostrich sprang to mind and KLEIN KAROO was first on our list. The low-fat, lean concept was something that appealed to us,” says Roland Muhl, financial director of Martin & Martin.

One thing is certain. Just one bite of KLEIN KAROO’s ten different chews and your canine friend will be hooked. A dog’s life does not seem too bad after all.

Source: World of KLEIN KAROO (Newsletter of the KLEIN KAROO Group)

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