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21 July 2008

PRETORIA: The Department of Agriculture has received a report on the recent EU inspection to South Africa where EU representatives held two meetings with the Department of Agriculture, visited State Veterinary Office in the Western Cape, ARC OVI Laboratory, a private laboratory, two farms (game and ostrich), EU export approved ostrich and wild game abattoir as well as two pharmacy / wholesaler to view the medical products..

Conclusions of the report state that the overall situation regarding residues controls in farmed and wild game has improved since 2007. Guarantees provided to the Commission services (EU Commission) have been largely implemented. Notwithstanding the short-comings in laboratory performance identified during the mission (the 2 - 7 July 2008 mission), with regards to ostrich and wild game for meat production, the current residue control system in South Africa provides guarantees with an effect al least equivalent to those provided by the Council Directive 96/23/EC.

This clearly illustrates our commitment and ability as a country to produce high quality commodities for our consumers and in this particular example, the international communities.

As regards the issue of other commodities that are not on the EUís import list, in other words, pork, poultry, eggs, dairy and honey, South Africa asked for these commodities to be removed from the export list because these are produced in small quantities in other words, not enough for significant export.

Our farmers and other stakeholders are doing an excellent job of keeping South Africa as the leader in the export of ostrich. We commend them in this regard.

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Source: Priscilla Tsotso Sehoole
Chief of Communications

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