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Ostrich Products


Ostrich Feathers
for all occasions



Beautiful, supple
and durable
Ostrich Leather


Healthy and nutritious
Ostrich Meat,
low in cholesterol,
low in fat



Creative use of
Ostrich Eggshells,
Ostrich Feathers
and Ostrich Leather


Like with all other sectors in Oudtshoorn,
the Ostrich industry plays an influential role
in the Tourism business.

About the Ostrich Industry and it's Products

When it comes to the Ostrich Industry, there is no doubt that South Africa are the world leaders.

By value, South Africaís ostrich production is one of the top twenty agro-based industries in the country and it ranks high for exports.

The total investment in ostrich activities (production and processing, excluding value adding manufacturing and businesses, and tourism) exceeds R2,1 billion. Linkages with a whole set of related input and supporting industries have become stimulating and productive.

Export income amounts to R1,2 billion annually with 90% of both leather and meat products being exported.

Traditional handicraft from ostrich products are presently being twined with First World designs, reaching new heights of popularity world-wide.

Due to its historic advantage and excellent natural conditions, the South African ostrich industry should be able to maintain its position of world leadership, if certain conditions are met. In this regard fruitful interaction with government, both national and provincial, is a prerequisite.

Ostrich meat, presently extremely popular in Europe, due to its health characteristics (low in cholesterol, lowest fat contents of any meat, etc) is produced under the most stringent health standards. For this the industry works closely with government support systems.

Ostrich leather is one of the most beautiful, supple and durable of all exotic leathers. The industry is continuously concerned with product development.


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