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Egoli characters mesmerised by KLEIN KAROO Meat

6 June 2005

The KLEIN KAROO Group in Oudtshoorn and the popular soapy, Egoli on M-Net, met an agreement. The role of KLEIN KAROO’s ostrich meat in a healthy life style will be reflected in the comings and goings of the stars of this program series. Filming of some Egoli footage will be done in Oudtshoorn. /p>

According to the Manager: Meat of KLEIN KAROO, Nuno Gomes, the lifestyle of some of the popular Egoli characters will be influenced by the health attributes of ostrich meat during the second half of this year. “Just wait and see,“ Nuno says. „Once they have discovered the value of our meat Oudtshoorn will become the new Place of Gold...”

Some of the scenes in which the elegant little Blue Ostrich trademark of KLEIN KAROO and its meat products show up will be filmed in Oudtshoorn from 21 - 24 June. As producer, Franz Marx Films, obviously does not want to let the cat out of the bag about what is going on in Egoli the inhabitants of Oudtshoorn will just have to wait and see when their favourite stars show up. /p>

According to co-producer of Egoli, Burgert Muller, it is nothing new that the challenges of the character are shot in various towns and even in foreign countries. Recently a team went to Zanzibar, and some shots were also done in Mossel Bay some months ago. Shots for some of the scenes have also been made in Mpumalanga with a team of actors. /p>

Burgert says that the authenticity of the daily story that has been unfolding in Egoli over the past thirteen years is one of the factors that gaurantees the success of the soapy. He and the Egoli team welcome the flamboyant Blue Ostrich and its healthy and tasty series of ostrich meats from the Little Karoo in the Place of Gold. /p>

Programs in which the golden value of KLEIN KAROO ostrich meat in the offices and homes in Egoli will be featured will be broadcast on M-Net from the end of July 2005. /p>

Star-filled Egoli – Place of Gold - with popular stars such as these guys will shoot a number of scenes on the Ostrich meat of the KLEIN KAROO Group se in Oudtshoorn. Enquiries on the project may be made to Jan Greyling, Liaison Manager of the KLEIN KAROO Group. /p>

The Egoli team shot some scenes for the ever popular soapy on Zanzibar.

Source: Liaison Division of the KLEIN KAROO Group

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